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We’ve compiled a few tips and “easy wins” which we‘ve seen help boost online sales  for our customers by over 400% in just a few short months!

Put your direct ordering link on all your digital assets (Facebook, Instagram pages even shout it out on Whatsapp, FB Messenger or wherever your customers are).

Make sure yours is the only link you’re promoting on your Google and Yelp pages. Opt out to having third party companies on your pages, website, social media or wherever. Remember, these are your customers looking for you.

Promote your direct online ordering with Flyers and Posters. Produce QR codes for flyers in store and in every delivery bag.

Get some beautiful pictures on the Menu! We all know that customers buy with their eyes. Take some delicious pictures of your food, upload them or send them to us and watch your sales grow.

Ask about our Virtual Number ‘hands free’ phone ordering. Make your busy staff’s life easier - customers simply press 2 to get your online menu sent directly to their phone. (it’s also great marketing for your online business, letting all customers know that you now do your own pickup and delivery.)

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