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Grand Slam Restaurant Delivery: How to Score Profits During MLB's Fall Classic

Beginning Friday, October 27, 2023, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be facing off against the Texas Rangers on baseball’s biggest stage. From the first pitch, MLB’s top two teams will be heating up in Texas, but not all the action will be taking place on the field. With all games taking place at night since 1973, the only thing more explosive than the pitches on the mound will be the fans’ hunger for some ballpark grub.

Competition among restaurants is always fierce during the World Series, So, while the teams begin to battle for the Commissioner’s Trophy, get your lineup ready to drive in grand slam sales at the register.

World Series Fun Facts

The first World Series was in 1903 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Americans in a best-of-nine tournament.

2. There have since been 115 total World Series and the American League leads with 67 wins. The National League has 48 wins.

3. The longest ever World Series game was in 2018 between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. It was an 18-inning game that took 7 hours and 20 minutes.

4. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series with 27 wins in 40 appearances.

5. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the World Series.

6. The player with the most World Series rings is Yogi Berra, with 10.

7. The first World Series to be played at night was in 1971. It was changed so that more people would be able to watch it, and by 1973 and still now, all games in the series are held at night.

8. The only team to have never appeared in a World Series is the Seattle Mariners.

9. The winner of the World Series receives a trophy called the Commissioner’s Trophy.

10. Whitney Ford holds the World Series record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched with 33. He broke Babe Ruth’s record, who pitched 29 2/3.

Top Ten Ballpark Eats

Make sure the odds are in your favor by knowing what your customers will be craving. Hit it out of the park by offering these fans favorites.

  1. Hot Dogs

  2. Cheese Pizza

  3. Boneless Chicken Wings

  4. Chilli Fries

  5. Jalapeno Poppers

  6. Mozzarella Sticks

  7. Pepperoni Pizza

  8. Nachos

  9. Onion Rings

  10. Peanuts

Marketing Best Practices

To capitalize on your customer’s appetites for World Series action, and stand out in the crowded restaurant arena, promote your restaurant’s special offerings on social media throughout the Series. Just be careful to follow best practices when advertising for the World Series.

While most folks in the marketing game know about the need to refrain from using the words “Super Bowl” when creating promotions or marketing messaging around the NFL season finale, caution should also be heeded when tying into the excitement about MLB’s Fall Classic.

World Series is trademarked by Major League Baseball, which appears to own all registrations for World Series-formative marks for goods or services relating to baseball tournaments and merchandise.

To avoid any trademark disputes, it’s best to avoid using the exact phrase “World Series” in your restaurant marketing. Stick to use terms like, “The MLB Fall Classic” or “Game Day” to avoid any trademark disputes.

Get Creative with Catering

One way to get ahead of the game is to offer World Series catering packages on your delivery menu. Encouraging customers to order in advance will reduce pre-game strike outs in the kitchen and backlogs on your phone system. To help ensure a smooth experience for both your customers and your staff, offer discounts for pre-ordering.

Get creative with your catering menu by incorporating traditional ballpark favorites like hot dogs, wings, pizza and burgers with your restaurant’s signature dishes. If you’re a health-conscious eaterie, don’t be afraid to strike up a few menu specials. Even the most diehard fans will appreciate finding a restaurant that offers menu specials that let them remain true to their dietary preferences while watching the Series.

While every restaurant in town will be running promos for pizza and chicken wings, offering items like low-carb pizza, Series salads, and cauliflower “wings” will win over waist-watching fans.

DIY Meal Kits

Add to your customer’s pre-game fun by offering World Series DIY meal kits. Pizza-making kits are perfect for mid-inning celebrations, especially for kids. Young fans will love decorating their own pizza crusts and adults will appreciate the distraction.

Team-Themed Dishes

For many folks, the World Series is more about getting together and hanging with friends, but there are plenty of fans who genuinely care about the games themselves. Appeal to this audience by creating World Series-themed dishes like Phoenix Fries, Texas Tacos, and Diamondback Dogs. This idea will be even more popular if your restaurant’s home team is in the World Series.

Let customers without tickets feel like they’re at the ballpark with grand slam grub like Arizona Hot Wings, Lone Star Burgers, and Phoenix Falafel, (and don’t forget peanuts and Cracker Jacks.)

Game-day Menu Inspo

  • Home Run Hot Dogs

  • Lone Star Lasagna

  • Left Field Fries

  • World Series Wings

  • Texas Tacos

  • Dessert Dogs

  • Ballpark Burgers

  • Home Run Hoagies

  • Ranger Ribs

  • Grand Slam Grilled Cheese

  • Diamond Dogs

  • Home Field Fajitas

  • Phoenix Falafel

  • D’ Back Burgers

Use Creative Pricing

It's the 115th World Series this year, so let your menu’s pricing strategy get into the game. Offer party trays for $115.00, 9 cent wings, or seventh inning stretch discounts.

Giveaways and Contests

Get customers excited about the games – and your restaurant –by running contests and offering giveaways throughout the series. Try offering your social media followers the chance to win a free World Series Party Kit, complete with a party package from your special catering delivery menu. Ask customers to enter by sharing a post featuring your restaurant’s offerings on their social media pages.

Hold a best picture contest, offering a free meal to the customer who shares the best picture of themselves enjoying your fare. And give extra points if they share the photo on their own social media.

Create a mascot competition, offering a free year of pizza for the customer who comes up with the best mascot for your restaurant.

Start promoting your giveaways across your social channels now. Featuring the winner’s “team photo” in a post-game post is a sure bet.

Giveaways and contests not only attract attention to your restaurant’s offerings, but hype your establishment even after the last out.

Offer Alcohol For Delivery & Pickup

Boost your World Series revenue by selling beer, wine and cocktails to-go.

If your restaurant is already in the spirit of alcohol delivery, up your game by using game-inspired packaging. Or create beverage specials featuring team colors.

While your customers are getting ready for the first pitch, hit the ball out of the park with these grand slammable ideas.

By Eileen Strauss

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